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[fawr-too-nuh, –tyoo-]
1. the ancient Roman goddess of fortune, identified with the Greekgoddess Tyche.

Fortuna Ristorante Italiano is the authentic Italian food experience, inspired by heritage, tradition, and celebration. Fortuna came to life when its partners, Pasquale (Pat) Fiacco, Joe Fiorante, Vince Fiorante, Carlo Giambattista came together with the vision to create the food experience that defines Italian culture. Stu Niebergall joined the partnership group in 2014.

Food is used to bring people together, created with passion and authenticity and served with pride and ceremony. It is used to inspire great ideas, celebrate love and family, and symbolize respect and loyalty.

The generation of Italian immigrants before them brought their families to Canada with the pursuit for better life, chased with hard work and integrity. This was their parents’ generation and Fortuna tells the story of their Italian heritage.

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Benvenuti a tutti

Pat, Joe, Vince, Carlo, and Stu, welcome you to Fortuna, to experience the traditions of Italian heritage: good food, good friendships, good times.